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Breast Health Center - Breast Cancer Treatment

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer

The Sullivan Center for Breast Health diagnoses and treats more breast cancers than any other medical facility in the DC and Maryland area. We have an efficient, anxiety-reducing process, including rapid turnaround times for biopsy results.

"At Sibley, we have a team in place capable of providing the best in breast health care, and we are leaders in all aspects of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment," said Colette Magnant, MD, breast surgeon and Director of the Breast Cancer Program. "Our ten years of experience is benefitting patients here and elsewhere as other centers shape their programs based on our practices and successes."

At regularly scheduled Breast Conferences, patient cases are discussed by breast radiologists, surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, pain medicine specialists, oncology nurses and other specialties that make up the breast conference team. Together, this group explores all possible treatment options to recommend the ideal breast treatment plan.

Breast Cancer Surgery

Our breast cancer surgeons take pride in discussing the surgery options with each patient and providing excellent specialized care.  Specializations include oncoplastic techniques, nipple sparing mastectomy, prophylactic mastectomy, sentinel lymph node Biopsy, breast reconstruction (Implants, DIEP flap). 

All Aspects of a Patient's Care are Coordinated by our Nurse Navigator

Imagine being told you have a suspicious mammogram and you need to come back for additional pictures.  Imagine coming back for those pictures and being told you need a biopsy.  Imagine getting your biopsy back and finding out you have breast cancer.  
Throughout the diagnostic process Jennie Tarica, Sullivan Center’s Nurse Navigator, is there to provide information and support to make this experience less anxiety producing.  

Most women will not have a diagnosis of cancer; but if you do, Jennie is available to help you navigate the process of Breast Cancer Treatment here at Sibley Hospital.   
Call or email Jennie Tarica if you have questions regarding an abnormal mammogram, breast exam, or if you need assistance with your breast cancer treatment. If it is necessary to see a breast surgeon, she can assist you in finding one whom you are very comfortable with. Jennie is here to make sure you are informed of all the resources at Sibley and to make your journey a little easier.  
Contact information:
Phone: 202.370.6545

Full Support

We help breast cancer patients and their families by supporting the whole person during breast cancer treatment and on into recovery. The Sullivan Center for Breast Health in Washington, DC and the full resources of Sibley Memorial Hospital are coordinated to help patients and their families manage both the medical and many non-medical aspects of dealing with breast cancer treatment. This support addresses the practical, logistical, emotional and spiritual aspects associated with breast cancer and breast cancer treatment including the experience and aftereffects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Find out about upcoming breast cancer support group meetings on our community calendar.
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