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Breast Health Center




Breast Health Center - Phone Numbers and Directions

Scheduling Is Easy.

To reach the Sullivan Breast Center:

Phone: 202-537-4545
Hours: Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

No Prescription is required for a screening mammogram. 
When you call, tell us the name of the physician to whom your screening results will be sent and have your insurance information handy. We'll take care of the rest. To minimize any discomfort, you may wish to schedule your mammogram for the part of your menstrual cycle during which your breasts are least likely to be tender (often the week after your menstrual period). Some women schedule mammograms with a friend, for mutual support and maybe lunch afterward.

On the day of your mammogram appointment:
  • Bring films of earlier mammograms if they were done at another facility.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your appointment.

Breast Imaging
Renaissance Building, floor 4
Phone: 202-537-4545
Fax: 202-537-4505
Department Manager: 202-243-5238
Lead Technologist/ Imaging Navigator: 202-370-6592

High Risk Clinic-Breast Health and Survivorship
Renaissance Building, floor 4
Phone: 202-243-5230

Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator 
Renaissance Building, floor 4
Phone: 202-370-6545

Breast Surgery 
Renaissance Building, floor 4
Phone: 202-243-5230
Fax: 202-243-5221

Medical Oncology and Infusion
Renaissance Building, floor 3 
Phone: 202-660-6500

Radiation Oncology
Next to Medical Building
Phone: 202-537-4787
Fax: 202-537-4964
Radiation Oncology Nurse: 202-537-5139 or 202-537-4347

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Program
Renaissance Building, floor 1 
Phone: 202-364-7665
Fax: 202-537-4900

Genetic Testing & Counseling
Phone: 202-370-6546

Oncology Social Worker
Phone: 202-243-2274

Phone: 202-537-4787 or 301-299-5584

Outpatient Palliative Care
Phone: 202-537-4787

Oncology Survivorship Coordinator/Navigator
Phone: 202-243-2320

Directions and Parking

The Sullivan Center is in a central location; convenient from the Whitehurst Freeway, Canal Road, Key Bridge, Massachusetts Avenue and Wisconsin Avenue.
Parking is available in the Renaissance Building lot (first left on Loughboro Road from MacArthur Boulevard) and in the main hospital lot (turn at the traffic light in front of the hospital on Loughboro Road).

If you park in the main Visitor Lot, enter the hospital through the Main Entrance. Turn left at the Admissions desk and follow the carpeted hallway to the next set of elevators. The Sullivan Center is located to the left of the elevators. 

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More Contact Information

For more information on Sibley's Sullivan Center for Breast Health in Washington, DC, call 202-537-4545 or email our Breast Center manager, Lynn Turner, R.T. (R) (M) at

For help with care coordination, from diagnosis through recovery, contact our nurse navigator, Jennie Tarica, R.N., MSN, at 202-370-6545 or

To reach Colette Magnant, M.D., breast surgeon, director of the Breast Cancer Program, or Bonnie Sun, M.D., breast surgeon, or Ida Vaclavik, N.P., call the 202-243-5230.
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