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Cancer Center - Nutrition Services

Patients can meet with a registered oncology dietitian for an individualized consult to meet your specific dietary needs and goals before, during and after radiation and chemotherapy.  Lynda McIntyre R.D., L.D. is a Oncology nutrition specialist with over 17 years of experience counseling cancer patient.
All nutrition sessions take into account the challenges of treatment side effects, social environment and specific diagnosis. The dietitian will provide an assessment of your diet and suggestions and strategies to help manage side effects, improve energy and better tolerate treatment.   
In addition, the dietitian will help to decipher and answer questions about the large amount of conflicting nutrition information that is available via internet, magazines and other sources. Consults are also available after a patient has completed treatment. Sibley recognizes that a cancer diagnosis may create lasting physical, emotional and psychosocial changes leaving survivors feeling vulnerable.  Nutrition counseling can help you deal with these issues by incorporating positive changes in diet and life-style, in order to help create a wellness plan.

For more information, please call 202-537-4742.
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