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Telemetry Unit




Telemetry Unit - About the Team

Under the leadership of a Nurse Manager, the professional staff uses their knowledge and expertise to provide care delivery that is supported by evidence- based practice and intergraded into guidelines, standards, protocols, and therapies. The staff continues their education to apply the most current and best practices in the telemetry setting.

Nurses on the telemetry unit are knowledgeable and experienced in the management of arrhythmias, antiarrhythmic therapies, chemical and electrical heart cardioversions, myocardial infarctions, unstable angina, congested heart failure, pacemakers, respiratory illness, post-operative surgical care, and infectious disease. An important part of the nurses’ role is to educate the patient and their families on the various medical conditions and treatments.

The Nurses’ station may be reached at (202) 537-4470.

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