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Your first 90 days

Allied Health employee orientation at Sibley Memorial Hospital

First impressions count, and they last. That’s why Sibley Memorial Hospital wants you to get your allied health career off to a great start. To help ease your transition, we’ll provide you with support and guidance that are sensitive to your needs and experience level. In addition to our general hospital orientation program, we have discipline-specific programs that will serve as a foundation for continuing growth.

Department mentors will provide guidance instruction, while other senior staff members will be happy to provide insights and share their knowledge. During the orientation process, you will participate in various hands-on learning opportunities and become familiar with our technology, equipment, procedures and protocols.

During your first 90 days, we encourage you to ask questions, seek advice and build strong relationships. By doing so, you will build the confidence and competence that will lead to a successful and satisfying career.

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