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Emergency Department




Emergency Department - What to Expect

Emergency Department NursesWe are here for you 365 days-a-year and 24 hours-a-day.  Our main goal is to help you feel better.  One way we can do that is by letting you know what to expect when you arrive.  

When you have an emergency and come to our department, you are met by a Greeter. This person will ask the nature of your emergency and for your picture identification. The Greeter enters your name and the type of your emergency into our computer system.  

The next process is triage.  Triage means gathering initial information to make a decision about where you will go in the department depending on the level of your need. This may be done in a triage booth or in your treatment room.  A registered nurse will obtain your vital signs, gather more information about your symptoms and record your current medications and past medical history.
Emergency Department Physician
While you are in a treatment room you will be seen by a physician or a physician’s assistant (PA) .  To accurately diagnose your condition, the physician or PA may order labs tests, x-rays or CT scans.  The length of your visit will depend on the tests ordered.  Patients with minor illnesses or injuries may be seen and discharged in one to two hours.  More complicated cases that involve several tests can take as long as four- five hours to complete.

At the end of your evaluation, you will either be admitted or discharged.  If discharged, you will receive any prescriptions needed, instructions on how to care for your condition at home and information on your follow-up care.

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