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One-Night Refresher Course


Prerequisite: Attended a labor and birth class with previous pregnancy, have had a vaginal birth and have previously delivered in the United States

This is a class for families who have experienced labor, birth and parenting. Information about relaxation, breathing, medications and support techniques for labor. Includes discussion about sibling preparation.

A maternity tour is included as part of the class course.

When: One evening, 7PM- 9:30PM 

Cost: $70.00 (Per Couple) Please register under expectant mother's name. (Partner/Spouse name, doctor's name and additional information under comment section.)

Registration is required.  
We recommend that you take classes during 7th and 8th month of your pregnancy.
Please take the time to select class dates for which you can commit prior to registration. NO RESCHEDULING 30 DAYS PRIOR TO CLASS DATE.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

This Childbirth Education class is closed.  Select another date to complete registration.
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