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The New Sibley

The New Sibley

Update: May 2014

More renderings of the New Sibley.  Below, a typical patient room:

An example of a Nurses' Station on a patient unit:

The Main Hospital lobby:

Update: March 2014

Below are two renderings of the new Emergency Department entrance for the New Sibley.  

Update: September 2013

Watch Jerry Price, Senior Vice President, Real Estate & Construction, share information about the facilities and services planned in the New Sibley Hospital.

Update: June 2012

Anticipated design of the New Sibley lobby and garden: 

New Sibley Lobby Garden
Anticipated design of the New Sibley lobby and admissions desk:

Admissions desk
The New Sibley:

New Sibley
The New Sibley, view from north elevation:

New Sibley North Elevation

Update: July 2011

Construction Updates and Campus Growth Diagrams
  • Construction of the second phase, the new Radiation Oncology Center, began in April 2011.  The project will take about 14 months to complete.
  • The New Sibley and the Emergency Department are currently in design development.
  • Anticipated construction of the New Sibley and the Emergency Department will begin in the fall of 2012.

Below are campus renderings of the upcoming changes to the Sibley campus:

Growth Diagram 1: Current campus
Campus Map 1

Growth Diagram 2: Addition of New Radiation Oncology Center

Campus Map 2

Growth Diagram 3: Removal of Hayes Hall

Campus Map 3

Growth Diagram 4: Addition of New Sibley and the New Emergency Department

Campus Map 4

Anticipated Design of the New Sibley:

The new Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington DC

Update: Spring 2011

New Medical Building on the Sibley Campus

The new Medical Building and parking garage is a beautifully designed and constructed facility that will serve the needs of the community for many years.
Intersection improvements at Dalecarlia Parkway and Loughboro Road are complete. We are grateful for the patience and cooperation of all those who have experienced  a delay due to this construction activity. The new entrance off Dalecarlia is open and providing relief for the main entrance on Loughboro Road.
The first physicians moved into the building in May 2011. When complete, there will be 62 physicians in the building. Plans also include an  outpatient pharmacy, gift shop, credit union, café and a medical spa as well as a new conference center for community education and meetings.

View of Hayes Hall (left), new Medical Office Building (center) and new Parking Garage (right) from the roof of the main Hospital (Spring 2011)

Update: Fall 2010

Approval of the New Sibley
We are pleased to announce that the Palisades Citizens Association and the Ward 3D-ANC have voted overwhelming in favor of the New Sibley Pavilion project.  In addition, the District of Columbia Board of Zoning Adjustments has approved the new facilities.  Please click on the Sibley Pavilion Fact Sheet to obtain additional information about the project.
We are very grateful to all of the neighbors who took an active role in the approval of this important community project.
The first phase of the project is the New Cancer Center.  Construction on the Cancer Center began in the fourth quarter of 2010.  If you have questions about the project, please call or email Jerry Price, Senior Vice President, Real Estate & Construction at 202-243-2020 or
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