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Why is the nurse retention rate at Sibley Memorial Hospital so high? And why do the few nurses who leave, so often return? Is it the excellent resources or the supportive management team? The interdisciplinary collaboration or the outstanding educational programs? The opportunity to lead or the freedom to expand clinical expertise? We believe it’s a combination of factors that create an unforgettable nursing career experience.

Our location is superb—without question, one of the most attractive neighborhoods in the D.C. region. Our stability and reputation for excellence are well-known. We’re looking forward to a future of exciting expansion, including a new patient pavilion with all private rooms, a new Cancer Center, an expanded Emergency Department and larger Labor and Delivery areas. Currently, construction is underway for a new Medical Building, which will feature 62,000 square feet of space for physician offices plus a three-suite Outpatient Surgery Center, and Imaging Center with CT, MRI, Radiography and Ultrasound, and retail shops.

As a member of our nursing team, you can expect to be valued, supported, respected and rewarded. YOU are why we are the best—YOU are the image of Sibley. Your value to our organization is immeasurable.

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