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Sibley Innovation Hub

SIbley Innovation Hub As medicine gets more complex, patient-focused care must evolve at a similar rate. That’s why Sibley Memorial Hospital has created the Innovation hub, a 3,000 square foot space with dedicated staff that serves as the organization’s center for change.

The Innovation Hub is a new initiative focused on improving patient and family care and safety. It is designed to provide a centralized space for clinical staff and other interested parties to present and ponder radical and forward-thinking ways to change health care for the better here at Sibley and, eventually, around the world. Its missions is to design new approaches that better meet the needs of our patients and families, and to demonstrate the role of community hospitals in generating health and wellness. Projects can be as small as determining the best format and placement of signs within the hospital, to wide-ranging, hardwired educational or technological initiatives that touch all aspects of care.

The Hub, through its staff and infrastructure, provides an opportunity for a wide variety of people to transform their ideas into real-world solutions. It enables Sibley to examine our current care delivery with the objective of increasing the quality and maximizing the efficiency of our processes, as well as reducing waste. The end result is a better, safer, and more pleasant experience for staff and patients alike.

Our Work

Creativity at the Innovation Hub aligns with and builds upon Sibley’s existing programs, including Quality Improvement, Lean and CUSP, which work to redesign and improve existing processes and systems of care to make them safer and more efficient. These critically important initiatives focus on redesigning and improving processes and systems of care already in place at Sibley. Innovation Hub efforts take improvement beyond incremental change by reimagining, designing, prototyping, and implementing wholly new designs.

Our Methods

The Innovation Hub uses a blend of Stanford-style Design Thinking and Human Centered Design in its work. The two methods of problem solving emphasize the importance of people’s needs and experiences in a proposed solution with a shared focus on what’s practical.

At the Innovation Hub, our approach uses patient-focused methodology. Our goal is to improve patient outcomes, making processes more efficient on the larger scale, yet ultimately concentrate on the impact on individuals and how the changes will affect the patient experience at Sibley.

Empathy for patients and their families are at the center of our work ensuring that our improvements are both feasible and beneficial to everyone. We tend to favor rapidly prototyping (building, testing, and learning from the experience) of our ideas, rather than trying to get them "perfect" at the start, allowing us to identify the stumbling blocks early in the process and ultimately succeed sooner.

Our Impact

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