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Emergency Department - 30 Minute Commitment

Dr. Abele with a patientEmergency Department makes commitment to see patients within 30 minutes

"We’ve streamlined processes, improved flow, introduced bedside registration and cut turnaround time for test results. The sooner we can see patients, the faster we can help them." --Dr. Jennifer Abele, medical director, Sibley Emergency Department
What would make your Emergency Department experience the best? Over the past two years, Sibley has improved our Press Ganey patient satisfaction ratings to the 99th percentile, streamlined processes and reduced time patients spend in the Emergency Department. To improve our patient experience even more, we are introducing a new ‘30-Minute Commitment’ to have patients seen by a health care provider within 30 minutes of arrival.
"We always push ourselves to be the best, and this is the next step in doing what’s best for our patients," notes Jennifer Abele, M.D., director of Sibley’s Emergency Department. "The earlier we see patients, the sooner we can get treatment started, relieve pain and help reduce complications." We all live incredibly busy lives. Nobody likes the inconvenience of being ill or spending hours waiting to be seen."
Sibley Emergency Department


Making the process smarter

Shaving minutes off wait times that are already among the nation’s shortest, meant taking a careful look at every step in the process including:
  • Taking patients directly to exam rooms as soon as a bed is available
  • Completing registration at bedside 
  • Parallel processing so doctors and nurses can simultaneously collect information, reducing the need for patients to repeat their story to different people
  • Getting X-rays, scans, blood work and other diagnostic test results back faster
  • Using our separate Fast Track area to treat and discharge patients with minor complaints more quickly (open 11 am to 11 pm daily)

The Sibley Emergency Department can be reached off of the main entrance to Sibley Hospital on Loughboro Road.  Call (202) 537-4080 for more information.


Learn more 

Watch our video below to learn more about our commitment to having our patients seen by a provider within 30 minutes of their arrival.  If you are unable to view the video below, you can access it on our Facebook page by clicking here.

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