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Endoscopy Unit - About Us

The Endoscopy Suite at Sibley Memorial Hospital is a six-room suite providing a full range of endoscopic services to individuals undergoing diagnostic or therapeutic procedures on an outpatient or inpatient basis. Our facility offers the highest level of quality care for its patients before, during and after examinations. Our physicians are all board certified and the specialized nursing staff is highly trained and A.C.L.S certified. Our commitment is to ensure the safety of our patients providing the most technologically advanced possible setting.

Our procedure rooms are newly equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which includes high-definition endoscopes, digital imaging, computer generated reports and flat-screen monitors allowing physicians to detect, sample and remove abnormal tissues, even small and hard to find flat or slightly raised polyps.

A full range of services are offered in our unit to diagnose, treat and manage digestive and respiratory disorders, including esophageal, gastric, small intestine, colonic, rectal, liver, biliary tract, pancreatic and lung disease.

Learn more about the anesthesia used with endoscopic procedures here.

Procedures Offered

A full range of procedures are offered as part of Sibley’s Endoscopy Suite, including:

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