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Sample eLearning Lessons

Epic Sample eLearning Lessons for Physicians

We are now less than five months away from Sibley’s Epic Go-Live.  Classroom training for Sibley’s Medical Staff will not begin until late April, however many physicians have expressed an interest in gaining familiarity with Epic as soon as possible.  Epic offers a number of interactive, online tutorials* for physicians to gain a basic understanding of the Electronic Health Record.  The tutorials below are each about 10 minutes in length and provide a good general overview of the topics described.  They can be accessed by pressing the Ctrl key on the keyboard and right-clicking the blue hyperlink.  You will be prompted to enter your JHED ID and password.  The lessons are interactive and include audio, so please make sure your computer speakers are on and the volume is appropriate.

* Please note that these lessons are for practice only.  Any completed tutorials will not count toward your Epic MyLearning training.  If you complete any of the lessons via the links below, you will need to retake them when they are assigned through MyLearning

Introduction to Epic: Sample Lessons

INP000 Overview of Hyperspace: Log into the system, navigate within the system, open a patient's chart, locate help, log out of the system.
INP001A Physician Rounding Overview Part 1: Reviewing a Patient's Current Hospitalization: Review a patient's vitals, labs, intake and output, and current orders.
INP001B Physician Rounding Overview Part 2: Documenting on a Patient while Rounding : Maintain a list of diagnoses, document expected discharge date, write a progress note, and manage orders during rounds.
INP003 Physician Admission Overview: Verify problems, allergies, and history, and reconcile and place orders for a newly arrived patient.
INP005A Physician Transfer Overview: Prepare to transfer a patient, reconcile all current orders at transfer, review prior-to-admission medications at transfer, write new orders for transfer and review and sign orders for transfer.
INP006 Discharge Overview: Reconcile a patient’s home medications, write discharge instructions, and review those discharge instructions with the patient.
CLN005 Viewing Past Visits and Results: Review information on past visits, and labs.
INP128 Reviewing Notes and Writing a Consult Note Using SmartTools: Review clinical notes for a hospital admission. Write a consult note using SmartTools.
INP135 Managing Orders: Modify existing orders, place new orders, sign orders and add orders to a User Preference List.
f you would like to access the entire library of Epic online tutorials, follow the link below. Again, note that accessing and completing any of the tutorials should be for practice ONLY:

Epic eLearning for Sibley Staff

Go to the Sibley Intranet and login with your Sibley username and password.  In the Epic section, links and instructions will be published about how to access upcoming training via MyLearning. 
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