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Imaging Services - MRI Safety Tips

MRI Safety Tips for Patients and Visitors

If you have certain implants such as a pacemaker or an implanted heart defibrillator, you can not have an MRI scan.
MRI scanners use powerful magnetic fields, radio waves and advanced computer technology to take detailed images of the body. The magnetic field is always on, even when the scanner is not in use.
The magnetic field is invisible and can cause accidents, serious injuries and damage to equipment if safety precautions are not taken.
You can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the MRI environment by following these basic safety tips:
  • Answer all questions in the screening form.
  • Inform the technologist if you have any device(s) in your body that you were not born with.
  • Remove all metallic belongings before entering the MRI suite.
  • Remove all of your clothing and put on a hospital provided gown and robe.
  • Never enter the MRI suite on your own; the technologist always has to make the final check before you enter the suite.
  • MRI scans make loud noises. This is normal. Headsets and/or earplugs will be provided for your comfort.
If you have any questions or concerns, discuss with the MRI technologist.
The MRI scanners are accredited by the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF RADIOLOGY.
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