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Imaging Services




Imaging Services - CT (CAT scan)

CT (CAT scan)
Imaging Services at Sibley Hospital offers the latest in CT imaging including 64-slice CT technology, capable of performing the latest in diagnostic imaging. Traditional examinations such as a CT of the abdomen can be performed in a single 10-second breath hold.   64-slice technology also allows the department to perform more complex examinations such as:
Coronary CT Angiography (CCTA) 
Coronary CT angiography acquires images of the heart in a very short period of time.  This allows the radiologist to see the blood vessels supplying blood to the heart, by the coronary arteries.  An IV is started and contrast is injected in order to directly visualize these vessels.  Medications (beta blockers) are given to regulate the heart rate and these tests take about 2 hours.
Virtual Colonoscopy
Virtual colonoscopy in a non-invasive way to visualize the inside of the colon.  A CT scan is performed with the patient lying on their stomach and then on their back.  Special software is utilized to allow the radiologist to look at the inside of the colon.   Anesthesia is not necessary for this exam and this test usually takes only 30 minutes.  Patient preparation is required.
Low Dose Lung Screening 
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the US Most patients do not exhibit symptoms of lung cancer until the tumor is too large to be effectively treated.  Low dose CT scans are taken of the lungs to detect the presence of lung nodules or cancers while they are very small and treatments can be more effective. 
Calcium Scoring (Heart Screening) 
The presence of calcium deposits in the coronary arteries can be a predictor of more severe disease in these arteries.  This is a 15-minute screening exam used to measure the amount of calcium in the coronary arteries.
All of these tests require a physician to send the report to, and provide follow up care. Insurance restrictions may apply.  
To get more information on these procedures or to schedule an appointment, call 202-537-4795.

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