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Sibley Center for Rehabilitation Medicine

Renaissance Building, 1st floor

The Sibley Center for Rehabilitation Medicine provides services to inpatients--both in the hospital and in our skilled nursing facility--and to outpatients. Sibley’s comprehensive, state-of-the-art Center for Rehabilitation Medicine is on the first floor of the Sibley Renaissance Building. 
The Sibley Center for Rehabilitation Medicine provides services to both inpatients and outpatients. 

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapists(OTs) assist in enabling people to participate in activities of everyday life.  OTs work to improve an individual’s ability, modify the environment or adapt the activity.  At Sibley, OT sub-specialties include hand therapy and Lymphedema treatment. Learn more about the multidisciplinary care provided by the rehabilitation team.

Hand Therapy
The Hand Clinic at Sibley is staffed by experienced therapists who work closely with hand surgeons to increase range-of-motion, strength, coordination and function.  A custom splint may be fabricated to ensure proper positioning during the recovery process.  Those who may benefit from hand therapy include people with hand trauma and post-operative reconstructive procedures, including joint replacement.

Lymphedema Treatment
Lymphedema is a chronic and progressive disease that involves an abnormal accumulation of fluid and water in the interstitial space. Lymphedema may present with swelling in the extremities, trunk, abdomen, face and genital area.  There are various causes, but the most common are surgery or radiation therapy.  Treatment is provided by an occupational or physical therapist with certification or specialized training.  Treatment techniques include manual lymph drainage, compression bandaging and patient education.  The primary goals of therapy include reduction of swelling, increased patient understanding and improved quality of life.  Further benefits may include reduction in pain and improved range of motion.

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapists (PTs) help people to improve functional ability and restore mobility.  At Sibley, outpatient PT can be provided in our fully-equipped gym or in our warm-water therapeutic pool, as aquatic physical therapy.  Our gym has sophisticated equipment, including a computerized balance system and a computerized system for gait analysis.
Inpatient Phone Number: 202-537-4574
Outpatient Phone Number: 202-364-7665

Aquatic Therapy
A certified therapeutic aquatic coordinator designs classes and teaches individuals to overcome limitations through water exercise.  Aquatic exercise addresses balance, neuromuscular coordination, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance.

Fitness Center
Did you know that we have a fully-equipped gym? Former patients, members of our community and Sibley employees are invited to join the gym. Features include treadmills, recumbent bikes, upper body ergometer, free weights, medicine balls, Total Gym apparatus, and other equipment. Locker rooms and showers are available. Work with a trainer or just use the center and gym at sibley memorial hospital


Training Programs
We offer a variety of training programs for the community. All programs are on a month-to-month plan. Our certified trainer works with you on your program goals, offering advice, support and motivation.  You will received personalized exercise routines to meet your preference, habits and any restrictions. Programs are flexible and modified along the way during the exercise plan to reach your optimal fitness goals.
Please note that the training staff reserves the right to require medical clearance from any client who they feel may be at risk.

Exercise programs include:
Maintenance Program: $225 per month
Private Training Program: $60 per session
Drop-in Session: $30 per session

Contact our personal trainer, Buzz Duncan, at 202-243-2250 for more information or to schedule your cons

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