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Harry Jaffe: A tale of tomatoes and a great hospital (Washington Examiner)

September 21, 2009

Excerpt from

A tale of tomatoes and a great hospital

By Harry Jaffe
Examiner Columnist

August 23, 2009

It had to be the tomatoes.
Our crop of heirlooms are coming in strong. We cooked dozens up with peppers and zucchini. I ate the rest. In salads, in sandwiches, fresh off the vine.
So when my stomach started to ache Tuesday afternoon, I wrote it off to a momentary clash of heirlooms and my tummy. But when I woke up that night with knifing pains in my belly, followed by cramps, I wondered if the clash had turned into a full-scale war.

Felt lousy the next morning but I sucked it up, suited up and drove downtown to interview an FBI agent. By noon I was on my back again. When my temperature hit 100 at 6 p.m., I drove over to Sibley Hospital.

Sibley is a comfortable, older hospital in D.C.'s far northwest corner, by the Potomac River. It was a homey place, which is lucky because I was about to spend the night.

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