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Bike Ride for Sibley Hospital (Washingtonian Magazine)

September 16, 2009

(Reprinted from The Washingtonian September 2009 issue)

Sibley Memorial Hospital is one of DC's few remaining private hospitals, and although its doctors and equipment are cutting-edge, its facilities have begun to age.

In five years, Sibley plans to open the doors to a new building. The new hospital, still going through the approval process, will have 328 private patient rooms, be LEED-certified, and include sleepover accommodations for families.

More than a dozen doctors from Sibley are getting together to kick off the fundraising campaign. On September 19, a group of doctors, nurses, and administrators will set off on the Amish 100, a bicycle ride that starts in Morganza, Maryland, and winds through the country roads of St. Mary's and Charles counties. Riders will bike 35, 60, or 100 miles and enlist friends and family to donate money.  The team--called the Ride for the New Sibley--hopes to recruit more than 50 members and has invited DC mayor Adrian Fenty to ride along.

Oncologist Fred Smith says the idea for the ride was born at a meal with some of his sixtysomething colleagues who are long-time cyclists. They then invited the younger generation at the hospital to join the cause. Among the bikers recruited are radiation oncologist Greg Sibley, breast-cancer surgeon Colette Magnant, urologist Edward Dunne, cardiologist Sean Dwyer, pathologist Tom Fleury, internist Kevin Nealon, oncologist Fred Barr, and orthopedists Philip Bobrow and Marc Connell.

Who'll cross the finish line first? "Some of these young doctors will be fast," Smith says. "But fortunately it's not a race. We're more concerned with the cause than the speed."

To donate, visit To learn more about the Amish 100, visit or call 301-757-4353. Registration is $30; $20 for those under age 15.

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