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New Mammogram Advice Confusing for Some (

November 18, 2009

New Guidelines for Mammogram Screenings 


Read an excerpt from the report below. The full story can be found on
Dr. Colette Magnant, a breast surgeon and head of the breast health program at Sibley Hospital says she will continue to advise her patients to get mammograms in their 40s.
"What some people may take from this is that under 50 it's so uncommon to get breast cancer that this lump in my breast can't be anything," Magnant worried. 
Ignoring those warning signs, she says, may prove deadly without mammograms.
"I believe it's going to cost lives if we change this," Magnant said. 
The new recommendation is unlikely to change health insurance coverage for mammograms. The Association for Health Insurance Plans, the leading industry group, says insurance providers should still pay for the test if you're under 50. The difference is you might not get an annual reminder from your insurance provider or a routine referral from your doctor if you're below the target age. 
The bottom line, the task force and doctors say, is women need to talk with their doctors to determine what is best for them. 

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