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New Ambulatory Surgery Center Opens Today

May 3, 2011

Leading-edge technology and patient-centered convenience have a brand-new home

The Sibley Medical Building brings the latest breakthroughs in outpatient surgery, high-quality imaging technology and offices for more than 60 physicians to our community. You’ll also find a new café, outpatient pharmacy and gift shop, offering wellness, health care and gift items, with a special focus on comfort-care products for maternity and women oncology patients.
New Ambulatory Surgery Center offers unique advantages.
Now outpatient surgery patients can access revolutionary new procedures and something equally important: the peace of mind that comes from knowing Sibley Hospital is just moments away, on the same campus. 
"While our new facility is designed for low-risk surgery, unexpected situations can occur," notes Martin G. Paul, M.D., chairman of Sibley’s department of surgery. "That’s when it’s crucial to be right next to a hospital. This really sets us apart from other outpatient surgery centers in the area." Linda Papageorge, R.N. and manager of the new Center, adds that "In an emergency, the hospital will immediately respond.
No time will be lost calling 911, waiting for an ambulance and being transported. All of Sibley’s resources are right on site, including extremely specialized equipment that most centers don’t have on hand."
Sophisticated technology allows latest procedures, greatest safety. 
"Surgeons were involved from the very beginning in designing and equipping the facility with top-of-the-line technology," Dr. Paul points out. "Our three operating rooms, high-definition video systems and new endoscopic equipment are all the latest generation." 
"The ability to perform cutting-edge procedures with brandnew equipment and instrumentation is very exciting," says Papageorge. Minimally invasive laparoscopic and arthroscopic techniques are used for a full range of surgeries including gynecological, orthopedic, ENT, podiatry, plastic, urological and other procedures. Our microscopes, imaging systems and laser will allow our surgeons to customize procedures to meet their individual patient’s needs. Anesthesia delivery is completely integrated with patient monitoring to maximize patient safety; and medications are accessed through safe, secure medstation units. 
Patient-friendly convenience every step of the way.
"Our patients will have personalized nursing care," Papageorge explains. "Our process is ef? cient but allows plenty of time to answer questions." Built-in conveniences include:
  • Attached parking garage allowing private drop-off and pick-up without going outside
  • Easy on-site patient registration
  • Direct admission to the hospital should something unplanned occur
Top team comes together.
As John Beauregard, M.D., medical director of the Center describes, "Our personnel are hand-selected, board-certified specialists who are excellent at what they do, work well  together and reflect Sibley’s extremely high standards." Dr. Paul agrees: "I’m very excited about the team we’ve attracted—our anesthesiologists, nurses and surgeons. They’re dedicated and prepared to provide the highest-quality surgical care."

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