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Breast Cancer Patients Find Support with Nurse Navigator

Reprinted from Spring 2009 "On Health" 
Nurse Navigator Jennie McLaughlin-Tarica, RN, guides and supports breast cancer patients and their families through the complexities of cancer care—from diagnosis to recovery. She listens to patient concerns and helps them understand their diagnosis, treatment and medications. She streamlines their treatment and can assist with scheduling tests or physician appointments. "Each patient has a unique set of needs," says Jennie, "which allows me to refer within Sibley to the many resources that are available."
Jennie's first patient in her role as Sibley's Nurse Navigator was Flo Goff of Luray, Virginia. Soon after receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer, Ms. Goff found Sibley's Sullivan Center for Breast Health web site and immediately made contact with Jennie. 
"I was so confident in the quality of my treatment," says Ms. Goff, "and I was very grateful and relieved to have Jennie's help."
"We still remain in close touch," adds Jennie. 
The Sullivan Center for Breast Health
The Center provides a full range of breast health services with an emphasis on early detection:
  • Dedicated breast radiologists
  • Technologists with advanced certification in mammography
  • Digital mammography for screening and diagnostic mammograms
  • Ultrasound and stereotactic biopsy
  • Breast MRI and MR-guided biopsy
  • Certified clinical geneticist
  • Support groups
No prescription required for a screening mammogram. Call 202.537.4545 for an appointment. Learn more at 

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