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Sullivan Center Provides Easily Accessible Mammograms for Women with Disabilities

 First posted on 06/23/2009

On May 11, 2009, the American Association on Health and Disability visited the Sullivan Center for Breast Health to discuss the challenges of providing breast cancer screening to women with disabilities. The AAHD concluded that the Sullivan Center is highly physically accessible to women with disabilities. 
At the Sullivan Center, patients with disabilities can easily access the waiting area and reception counter, mammography suite, dressing rooms and restrooms. Staff members are available to complete intake and registration forms if patients have difficulty doing so.
The Sullivan Center, which is located within Sibley Memorial Hospital, is accessible to people with disabilities, providing:
  • A curb cut to the sidewalk
  • A level entrance
  • Automatic doors
  • Signs near elevators with Braille characters that indicate the floor number on every floor
  • Elevator doors that open to sufficient width and stay open for an adequate length of time

The parking lot provides van- and car-accessible parking spots marked with appropriate signs and adjacent access aisles relatively close to the building. In addition, staff members use the CyraCom phone system when needed, which provides on-demand over-the-phone interpretation services to help communicate with patients in any language.
The Sullivan Center is extremely pleased with the commendation from the AAHD and continues to explore ways to make services more accessible for women with disabilities.

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