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Nutrition Services




Nutrition Services - Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services

Patient Meals 

Sibley is proud to offer our patients At Your Request Room Service Dining by Sodexo. From 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.*, Room Service Operators are available to take your meal requests. A hamburger for breakfast? No Problem! Pancakes for dinner? Certainly! We understand that every patient is unique. That’s why we make your meals to order as you request them. 
At Your RequestHow does it work? 
When you arrive in your room, a Room Service Menu will be available at your bedside. This is your menu to use for the duration of your stay. Once your information has been activated in the computer, simply pick up your phone and dial "FOOD" (x3663) from within the hospital. A Room Service Operator will help you make your food selections in accordance with your physician prescribed diet order. Once your order is complete, we prepare your meal and deliver it to your bedside within 45 minutes. You may order meals and snacks according to your schedule, during our operations of service (6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.). 
Need Assistance with ordering?
Your nurse can alert the kitchen to your need for assistance with ordering. For these patients, one of our Room Service Operators is available to provide bedside ordering as needed. Family members can also call to request foods for patients who need help. Meals can also be scheduled out in advance (up to three days in the future.) From outside the hospital, dial 202-660-6374.

Guest Trays

Guest trays are available for visitors using the same menu as our patients. Each tray costs $10 and foods may be selected from the entire menu. Charges will be billed to the patient room. 
To order from inside the hospital, review the menu, dial the Room Service Operator ("FOOD", x3663), and request your meal tray. We’ll deliver the tray to the patient room within 45 minutes, or as requested. From outside the hospital, dial 202-660-6374.

Deluxe Room Service

Treat yourself to something special by upgrading to our Deluxe Room Service Menu. Served à la carte, you can enjoy specialty items like milkshakes, smoothies, special entrées , and more. Purchase these items for $4 each. For more information, see the insert provided with the standard menu upon admission. Charges are billed to the patient room.

Sibley Room Service Menu - Standard (PDF)
Sibley Room Service Menu - Deluxe (PDF)

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