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Pastoral Care




Pastoral Care - Chaplaincy Care Team

 "People forget what you kept, but they will never forget what you gave." ~Unknown

The chaplains, at Sibley seek to be inclusive in the way we provide emotional-spiritual care to those in need of chaplaincy services.  
Our team embraces every opportunity to listen, sit, pray in silence or aloud, and encourage persons requesting chaplaincy services. 
The team includes a director, two part-time chaplains, an administrative assistant and volunteer clergy.  Our volunteer clergy serve various faith groups within the hospital.  They include Roman Catholic Priests and Eucharistic Ministers, Jehovah Witnesses Ministers, a Rabbi and clergy from various Protestant traditions. 
Every effort is made to contact faith representatives of other groups upon patient or family request. 
The team has specialized training that includes on-going research to keep us viable in the field of Spiritual Care.  As a part of a transformative hospital which seeks to invite the Spiritual Practitioner to the table, our team is honored to help connect scientific findings with spiritual discoveries in order to provide a more holistic form of health care.  
We plan and lead worship and special services along with symposiums designed to educate the community.  We are for present, caring, available, and ready to journey with patients, staff, family, and visitors to the hospital. Feel free to attend one of our programs or to call upon us for assistance.  It is our pleasure to serve you. 
Thank you for learning more about us and welcome to the services provided by the Chaplaincy Care Team!
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