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Notice of Privacy Practices

Johns Hopkins Notice of Privacy Practices for Health Care Providers

Johns Hopkins is committed to protecting your health information. Our Notice of Privacy Practices explains how all members of the Johns Hopkins organizations will safeguard your privacy.
Under applicable law, you have certain rights with regard to your medical information, such as the right of access to that information and the right to request that we provide your information to others. These rights are subject to some limitations and, as a general matter, they must be exercised in written form and submitted to us.
In order to exercise some of these rights, you must provide us with written consent or permission, referred to as an "Authorization." Authorizations play an important role in this process and must contain certain required statements. While you are not required to use one of our forms of Authorization, Johns Hopkins does have Authorization forms available for you to use.
We also are allowed to use and disclose your medical information in certain specified situations without your permission. For example, we may use and disclose your medical information to provide you care, to seek payment for services and to conduct our health care operations. We also are permitted to disclose your medical information to others in certain situations such as where required by law, for research purposes under certain circumstances, in connection with government oversight of our operations and other identified activities.
For further information about the privacy practices at Johns Hopkins, you may contact the Privacy Office using the contact information listed at the end of the NPP.
Click here to read the Johns Hopkins Notice of Privacy Practices.

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