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Patient Stories

Olivia, Washington DC

Department treated in: Same-day Surgery

"I had a great experience at Sibley for my recent tonsillectomy. Despite a busy morning, everything was very timely and the nurses made me feel incredibly comfortable both before and after surgery. You can tell they loved their jobs and had me on my way to recovery in no time!"

Eva, Maryland

Department treated in: Radiation Oncology

"Sibley Hospital has been so wonderful. Everybody talks to you as if you’re an old friend—they are genuinely kind and treated me so well. When Dr. Zuurbier found encapsulated cancer in my breast, I stayed calm and didn’t get upset. Dr. Magnant performed my surgery and Dr. Gage has handled my radiation.  When my radiation therapy is finished, I will be going to an oncologist to administer Tamoxifen.  I feel lucky to be treated by such kind and very capable doctors.  

"Having lived in Blacksburg, Virginia for over 30 years, the good thing I noticed about doctors and nurses at Sibley is that they treat patients in a big city environment as kind and caring as others do in a small town.  I now live in Maryland and it has been very easy for me to get to Sibley by bus for my treatments. I recommended Sibley for my daughter and her family to go to if they ever need to."

Norma, Bethesda, MD

Department treated in: ICU, 5th floor, Renaissance

"My husband was admitted on a Sunday night to Sibley's emergency room, and ultimately diagnosed with a ruptured, gangrenous gall bladder. Immediate surgery was necesary but complicated because he was on coumadin. The nurses, doctors (Brian Long, surgeon) anesthesioliogist, worked smoothly and efficiently to perform what was a successful but dangerous operation. Ten days later tests been returned indicating that he was battling an insidious MDR ecoli. 

"During his 5 days in the ICU, he had wonderful, round-the-clock nursing care, and our family was allowed to sleep in his room. He was visited daily--sometimes twice a day--by his physicians and surgeons. With the assistance of your patent coordinators he was moved to the Renaissance Center. In the first two days, measurable progress was made toward regaining lost mobility. Encouagement, patience, are coupled with skilled nursing care, for which all we will be eternally grateful."

Marianne, McLean, VA

Department treated in: Surgery Center

"Sibley is in a great location and the Surgery Center is very convenient and away from the main hospital."

Di, Chevy Chase, MD

Department treated in: Surgery Center

"Having a private room and a private duty nurse post-op was the best decision I made."

Laura, Springfield, VA

Department treated in: Surgery Center

"I just love Sibley. Their doctors are the best and I get treated like royalty."

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