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Radiation Oncology




Radiation Oncology - Patient Forms

After your questions have been answered at this initial consultation, you will be asked to read and sign two consent forms. The first is a general consent and affirms that you have been informed of your treatment options and that all pertinent information regarding your treatment has been explained to you. It gives us permission to begin the radiation therapy process. The second describes possible side effects that may occur when treating your specific area. The list of possible side effects is included in the information packet.
Signing the consent forms indicates that you understand the risks and benefits associated with radiation treatment, and that you agree to proceed with the proposed treatment plan.  By signing the consent form, you do not give up your right to stop treatments if you decide to discontinue at any time during your radiation therapy program at the Sibley Cancer Center in Washington, DC.
We encourage you to download and print out the consent forms before your first visit. Please fill out as much as you can and feel free to call 202.537.4788 with any questions you may have. Please bring them to your appointment.

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