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Renaissance Skilled Nursing Facility - A Team Approach

The interdisciplinary team works together to ensure the resident is treated in a holistic manner to ensure goals are met.   
The team is composed of the resident and the physicians, nurses, nursing assistants, physical and occupational therapists, rehabilitative aides, dietitians, pharmacists, social worker, case coordinator and activity/recreation specialists. The team is committed to helping the resident reach the level required to function safely after discharge. 
To receive the greatest benefit from the rehabilitation program, most residents stay a minimum of five days. Some residents achieve their goals in less time but most require more. The length of stay is based on progress in reaching their goals. 

Nursing Staff

The nursing staff is comprised of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants. They assist residents in bathing, dressing and completing our residents' daily living activities. They also assist residents in walking to and from the bathroom. We strongly encourage our residents to walk to the dining room/lounge for lunch or dinner, visit with family and friends or make use of the recreational amenities available in the dining room/lounge. 

Case Coordination

The case coordinator is a social worker or nurse who helps plan for discharge and follow-up services such as home care and equipment. The coordinator will also make any referrals needed to the appropriate community agencies for continued rehabilitation and nursing services at home. 
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