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Renaissance Skilled Nursing Facility - Rehabilitation at The Renaissance

The Evaluation Process

After admission, the rehabilitation team will meet with the resident to evaluate their condition and level of function. Depending on your physician’s orders, you may be evaluated by Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. The team will assess the resident's needs, plan treatment and establish an estimated time frame to meet their goals. 

What You Will Need to Bring

We ask that you wear street clothes during your stay. Most residents find that loose and comfortable or exercise clothes and rubber soled shoes work best. 

Daily Schedule

Residents are scheduled for therapy based upon their evaluations and specific therapy needs  The therapy schedule will be posted in your room each day. The therapists focus on helping the resident increase their strength, flexibility and endurance. Physical therapy will help them perform mobility tasks safely such as walking, transfers from one surface to another and climbing stairs. Occupational therapy will help them safely perform functional tasks such as bathing, dressing and other activities of daily living. Speech therapy will address communication and swallowing impairments. 
The resident's active participation is vital to their successful recovery. Residents are encouraged to complete as many tasks for themselves as possible, with the appropriate amount of assistance or supervision.  Sitting up in a chair for meals is recommended to increase endurance and facilitate eating. 

Progress Review

It is extremely important that our residents remain active. The resident's team meets in conference twice each week to review their progress, discuss discharge plans and ensure residents meet insurance criteria for skilled care. Family members and residents are also welcome to attend the meeting.
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