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Senior Association - Senior Health Screenings

Periodic Health Screenings

A screening is a short assessment to let you know if further evaluation is recommended.  It is not a substitute for a comprehensive evaluation. For more information or to register, call 202-364-7602.
Free Hearing Screenings
A hearing screener from Washington Hearing & Speech will administer an abbreviated hearing test to determine if you have a problem. This screening is not for people who already have hearing aids.  Click here to go to our calendar to see the next hearing screening date.

Save Your Back
Eight out of ten people experience back pain at some point in their lives ( Learn how you can maximize your back strengths and minimize your back pain.  One of our physical therapists, like Sibley’s Chris Marrow, will share with you important information about saving your back.  Click here to go to our calendar to see the next date for Save Your Back.

Fall Prevention
A fall can change your life. We are all concerned about injuries related to falls. Did you know that one in three people over age 65 fall? And that if you have fallen once, you are likely to fall again ( Besides osteoporosis, several other factors might contribute to falls:  heart disease, diabetes, other medical conditions, side effects of medications, judgment problems, lack of exercise, inattention, vision problems, clutter. Whatever the reason, you can learn how to prevent falls with one of our occupational therapists, like Sibley’s Janet Platt.

Free Blood Pressure Checks
Stop into the Sibley Senior Association office between 10:00 a.m.—12:00 p.m., Monday—Friday, for a free blood pressure check.
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