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Surgery Center - Sibley's Ambulatory Surgery Center

Personalized care and plastic surgery at Sibley Memorial Hospital is delivered at either Sibley's Ambulatory Surgery Center or in the main operating room facility (especially for patients having surgery that would lead to an overnight stay.) Because of the two surgical location choices, we are able to offer patients the best of both worlds. Our professional staff will assist you in preparing for surgery and will offer support during your surgical experience. All of our surgeons have met Sibley's high credentialing standards and our registered nurses are specially trained to offer quality care. Every effort will be made to make your stay at Sibley as pleasant as possible. 

Sibley's Ambulatory Surgery Center is primarily for outpatient surgery, including general, orthopedic and cosmetic procedures. Highlights of the Center include:
  • self-contained with its own registration process, pre- and post-op and discharge 
  • separate waiting area for family, significant others and friends
  • separate entrance for patients who desire privacy
  • located next to the main hospital and main OR should any higher level of care become necessary  

If you have questions or would like further information on the Sibley Ambulatory Surgery Center, call (202) 364-7632.

Privacy and Professionalism

Our patients experience a streamlined admission and discharge process in both the main operating room and the Sibley Ambulatory Surgery Center. Both of these surgical areas are located at one of the most respected acute care hospitals in the area and offer the assurance of medical excellence and access to many of the resources of Sibley Hospital. 

Care and Support

We are committed to providing coordinated, comprehensive support. It begins with consultation and detailed surgery preparation. Then it continues through all stages of recovery to ensure a smooth transition to your daily life. Potomac Home Support, a Sibley affiliate, can provide additional support before and after surgery. Escorting you to and from surgery and providing in-home follow-up care are a few of the services that can be arranged. It is the patients responsibility to arrange for these services, if desired or needed, prior to their surgery.

Dr. David Kung

Nurses Who Understand

"Nursing care is a critical component to any successful surgery. I entrust the nurses at Sibley with the care of my patients."
Dr. David Kung

Our plastic surgery nurses work closely with our surgeons to develop a comprehensive understanding of the issues involved in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. They bring years of experience and specialized training to their work. Compassion and care is a hallmark of all they do. With our high nurse-to-patient ratio, you receive personal attention from pre-op to surgery, all the way through the discharge process. 

Some of the Area's Finest Surgeons

The surgeons who choose to practice at Sibley are among the most respected in the metropolitan Washington area. Many of our patients are from other areas of the country as well as many international locations. Each surgeon brings extensive experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, years of advanced training and the ability to communicate effectively with patients. For more information, call the Sibley Physician Referral Line at 202-537-4638.

Spending the Night is an Option

One of the most unique features of our center is the option of spending the night if your physician directs or if you choose. In a quiet private room, you can receive personalized post-operative care by a registered nurse who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. 

All overnight stays must be scheduled in advance of your surgery.

For information about fees, availability, pre-admission planning or answers to your questions about cosmetic surgery at Sibley, please call (202) 364-7632.
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