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Surgery - Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic surgery is a highly-specialized discipline that encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of conditions of the chest.  Sibley’s  thoracic surgeons  perform a wide array of surgeries, using minimally invasive approaches when appropriate and indicated. 

What is a thoracic surgeon?

Thoracic surgeons are doctors who have had many years of advanced training in general surgery and general thoracic surgery, and are experts in providing treatments for:
  • Lung cancer 
  • Tumors of the chest wall 
  • Emphysema 
  • Esophageal swallowing problems 
  • Esophageal cancer 
  • Complications caused by gastroesophageal reflux 
  • Mediastinal masses 
  • Hyperhidrosis 

Conditions We Treat

Thoracic diseases must be identified as early as possible and diagnosed properly if treatment is to be effective.   Many patients suffer for years, with symptoms such as tightness in the chest or difficulty swallowing, only to find their conditions would have been managed differently if they had seen an expert physician from the start.  Sibley’s board-certified thoracic surgeons evaluate and appropriately diagnose patients with a wide range of esophageal, lung and chest conditions and diseases, including:
  • Barrett’s esophagus 
  • Brochiectasis 
  • Chest wall tumors 
  • Diaphragmatic hernia 
  • Emphysema 
  • Esophageal achalasia 
  • Esophageal cancer 
  • Esophageal diverticulum 
  • Hyperhidrosis 
  • Interstitial lung disease 
  • Lung cancer 
  • Mediastinal mass 
  • Myasthenia gravis 
  • Pleural effusion 
  • Pneumothorax 
  • Pulmonary nodule 
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome 

Our Thoracic  Surgeons

Mark S. Soberman, M.D., MBA FACS, Section Director
Christopher M. Eger, M.D.
Jonathan Kiev, M.D.
Barry J. Levin, M.D.
Lawrence Markovitz, M.D.
Gregory D. Trachiotis, M.D.
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