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Urology - Urology

Full Service, Full Spectrum Urology Service Features Leading Edge Technology 

"We now are able to offer a full-range, full-spectrum of urologic services. We’re all extremely pleased that Sibley has provided us with a state-of-the-art setting to provide these high-quality services." - Stephen W. Dejter Jr., M.D.
With new technologies and additional surgical staff, Sibley now offers complete Urology Services including lithotripsy, robotic radical prostectomies and laparoscopic nephrectomy—minimally invasive removal of the kidney. 
"The four new surgeons, all top urologists from Georgetown University Hospital, arrived earlier this year, bringing urology’s total surgical staff to 17 and adding new skills and interests to Sibley’s already technologically advanced section," said Stephen Dejter Jr., M.D.

State-of-the-Art Technology–a Big Draw for Surgeons

One of the new surgeons, John H. Lynch, MD, said he moved surgical procedures to Sibley for access to the hospital’s technology. He specifically cited the hospital’s two new operating rooms, each containing the most technologically advanced surgical and imaging equipment in Washington, DC, and Sibley’s da Vinci Surgical System, primarily for robotic radical prostectomies.
Known colloquially as the da Vinci Robot, the state-of-the-art surgical tool allows the surgeon to operate remotely by controlling the robot’s every move in real time through "loops" fitted to his thumbs and forefingers. Two of the robot’s "arms" move just like a human wrist and can handle any one of 45 surgical instruments. 
A third "arm" serves as a camera sending full color, magnifi ed, three dimensional images of the operation to a computer monitor at the surgeon’s console. Recovery tends to be quicker with the da Vinci, and the robot can be used for several other procedures including full or partial kidney removal, bladder removal and reconstruction of the renal pelvis. 

New Technology for Treatment of Kidney Stones

Among new technology at Sibley is the Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy Machine (ESWL) for treatment of small-to-medium kidney stones and some upper ureteral stones. 
Sibley is one of just two or three hospitals in the city to offer ESWL, giving its patients the convenience of having access to lithotripsy without having to visit another facility. The procedure takes about an hour and is done under general anesthesia for the patient’s comfort and to minimize kidney movement. 
With the arrival of the new surgeons, Sibley purchased a cytoscopy table, ideal for endoscopic prostate and bladder procedures as well as bladder, kidney and ureter stone procedures. The table comes complete with built-in fluoroscopy, which can be compared to an X-ray movie viewed on high-definition video monitors. During the procedure, a continuous X-ray beam is passed through the part of the body being examined, allowing the physician to watch bones and muscles as well as organs, such as the kidneys and their movements. 
The cytoscopy table complements another technological investment: Sibley’s new, 100-watt Holmium laser, used for treatment of stones in the kidney, ureter and bladder.

Plans for Growth

"Plans for growth include the acquisition of a cryotherapy machine to treat small renal masses as well as certain prostate cancers," Dr. Dejter said. 
Cryotherapy involves inserting thin needles into lesions and then super-freezing them at temperatures reaching 240 degrees below zero. The cryotherapy machine is expected to be in place by early next year. 
Sibley is the only hospital in the nation’s capital to offer minimally invasive radical prostectomy on an outpatient basis. The hour-long procedure is performed using very small incisions. Dr. Dejter explained that he and his colleagues, in the past five years, have perfected the operation using techniques originally developed about a decade ago by Fray Marshall, MD, at Emory Healthcare. 
"We’ve just refined it," he said, adding that their results have been "excellent."


To locate a urologist, call the Physician Referral Hotline at 1-855-JHM-3939 (1-855-546-3939). 
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